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FREE DELIVERY to Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, and Spain on all orders over €75 >> FREE DELIVERY to Poland on all orders over PLN 350 >> About Screwfix EU >>
FREE DELIVERY for all orders over €75 or PLN 350 >> Screwfix EU >>
APRIL OFFERS FROM 08/04 - 26/04>>>
APRIL OFFERS FROM 08/04 - 26/04>>>

Screws, Nails & Fixings

From heavy-duty fasteners for secure attachments to lightweight options for more delicate applications, our comprehensive range of screws, nails, and fasteners offers solutions for every need. We understand the importance of selecting the right fastening product, which is why our collection includes a variety of screws and fasteners suitable for different types of applications. Whether you need to firmly fix heavy loads or install less securely for lighter items, our range provides durable and reliable options for both indoor and outdoor use. Trust in our selection to ensure that your screws and fasteners are the perfect fit for your project.